Theodora Höger
About Me

About Me

Who is the person behind Theos Texte?

The prerequisite for good cooperation is good communication or, in other words, getting to know each other and being ready to learn from each other. Let’s get to know each other – and feel free to contact me any time to embark on our journey to improved communication!

My love for communication has been accompanying me for my whole life: At school, I wrote articles for the yearbook. Later, while I was studying biology and mass media communication (focus on human and animal behaviour and cognition as well as multimedia and PR – or, in other words, further steps towards communication), I started to work for the online magazine bioskop of the Austrian Biologist Association and for the Austrian local paper Niederösterreichischen Nachrichten (NÖN). I also published in the American online magazine North Star Journal and in Austria’s broadsheet Salzburger Nachrichten. You’d like to know how to attract the media’s attention? I know how to do it!

Experience and Knowledge

Since 2016 I’ve been copywriting for clients from all over Europe and the world. Before that, I have been gathering not only core competences and soft skills but also a myriad of experience in the field of R&D, NGOs, journalism, the automotive industry, educational institutes, and civil service. This is why I understand the needs and even the language of my clients regardless of their background. My Bachelor’s theses were mainly focused on visual and textual framing.


  • Bachelor’s programme: mass media and communication science with a focus on public relations and multimedia // University of Vienna
  • Bachelor’s programme: biology with a focus on zoology, anthropology, behaviour, and cognition // University of Vienna

Further training

Here is a non-exhaustive list of further training, which enables me to offer you high-quality service

  • 2018: Multimedia // University of Vienna // Florian Waitzbauer, Kerstin Tretina
  • 2018: Public relations for companies and NGOs // University of Vienna // Answer Lang
  • 2018: Political PR // University of Vienna // Ulrike Lunacek
  • 2018: Multimedia // University of Vienna // Gerit Götzenbrucker
  • 2018: Media pedagogy // University of Vienna // Andrea Schaffar
  • 2017: SEO seminar copywriting for online and smartphones // NÖ Pressehaus // Markus Reiter, klardeutsch
  • 2017: Media law // NÖ Pressehaus // Gottfried Korn
  • 2017: Digital communication: strategies, concepts, channels // University of Vienna // Online-Strategist Jürgen Haslauer
  • 2017: InDesign workshops // University of Vienna
  • 2017: Photography course // Shootcamp // Christian Anderl
  • 2016: Mass media communication // bioskop // Eva Woska-Nimmervoll
  • 2015: Science communication // University of Vienna // Peter Iwaniewicz (e.g. Der Falter, BMNT)
  • 2015: Photography for scientists // University of Vienna // Martin Grassberger

A love for language and culture

I have acquired intercultural and language skills as well as highly skilled cooperation partners on my journeys to Japan, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Furthermore, I have spent several months in Ukraine, which is my second home.

Interkulturelle und Sprachkompetenzen habe ich mir auf meinen vielen Reisen unter anderem nach Japan, nach Spanien, Zypern, Malta, Polen, die Tschechische Republik, Ungarn, Deutschland, die Schweiz, Norwegen, Schweden und Dänemark angeeignet. Zudem habe ich mehrere Monate in der Ukraine verbracht. Ich spreche neben meiner Muttersprache Deutsch fließend Englisch und Spanisch – und habe Kontakte zu Kreativen auf der ganzen Welt. Sie wissen noch nicht genau, wie Sie Ihre Zielgruppe im Ausland erreichen? Ich kann Ihnen höchstwahrscheinlich helfen.

Languages I speak:

  • German – native language
  • English – fluent
  • Spanish – fluent
  • Ukrainian – advanced
  • Russian – basic knowledge
  • French – basic knowledge
  • Italian – basic knowledge
  • Dutch – basic knowledge
  • Japanese – basic knowledge
  • Persian – basic knowledge